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Tropicana Fest 
1,2,3 April 2022

Tropicana Fest is our unique hybrid event in the form of a festival which is celebrating both visual as well as music artists and performers. It is taking place in the former Tropicana swimming pool, an iconic architectural highlight of Rotterdam.

Inspired by the “Make it happen” credo of Rotterdam, we aim to create a cultural event that wants to bring people together, instead of polarising them into music or art lovers. 

Participating artists:

Douwe Halbertsma

Robin Kolleman

Ruud Goedhart

Barbara Helmer

Rob van der Hoeven

Guda Koster

Jakob de Jonge

Edwin Jans

Kim Hospers

Michael Bom

Isabel de Rooij

Nora van Krimpen

Eddy Kaijser


Art direction:


Vladimir Radujkov

Tropicana Fest was made possible by:

Cultuur concreet, Gemeente Rotterdam, Gebiedscommissie Kralingen Crooswijk,

Sena performers, Blue City and Fritz Kola

Huge thank you to our partners:


Blue City

Special thanks to:


Talitha Holl


Photo credits: 

Jan Arsenovic 

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