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21-12-10Counterbodies 2 17-48.jpg

10,11,12 December 2021

De Achtertuin, Oostzeedijk 108 Rotterdam


The second edition of the show featured both established artists and new voices in the contemporary art world, to offer the public both quality and freshness.

List of participating artists:

Robin Kolleman

Lisa Sebestikova

Lidy Jacobs

Daleen Bloemers 

Karin Arink 

Lizan Freijsen

Margiet van Breevort

Natalia Grezina 

Silvia B. 

Mette Sterre

Alice Lucchinelli

Art direction:


Vladimir Radujkov, Marth Von Loeben

Counterbodies were made possible by:

CBK Rotterdam, Rotterdams Vrouwenfonds,

Cultuur concreet, Gemeente Rotterdam, Gebiedscommissie Kralingen Crooswijk

and Bobby's Gin

Huge thank you to our partners:


Chrysalid gallery, De Achtertuin and Gaea studio

Special thanks to:


Talitha Holl, Ibrahim Alaoui Chrifi, Alexey Shifman, Anton Yermolov, Marja van Heijzen, Melanie Tissen, Zahra Reijs and Hugo Bongers

Photo credits:

Jan Arsenovic

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