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25,26,27 November 2022

FRIDAY              18:00  EXPO OPENING

SATURDAY        12:00 - 19:00 EXPO

SUNDAY           12:00 - 19:00 EXPO

De Achtertuin, Oostzeedijk 108 Rotterdam

Counterbodies focus on bringing together the work of artists who each offer a distinct interpretation of 'the body', as a thematic and visual source for research and experiment. The theme of 'the body' has always been prominent in artistic practices. Their groundbreaking research, their drive and instinct compelled them to discuss and demonstrate the taboo of physicality, as well as the many inconvenient and unspoken matters that have often been overlooked in the past. With this premise in mind, the third edition of the exhibition aims to refocus attention on this still quite controversial theme by adopting a different, more daring attitude to the many views and directions of view on the theme of 'the body' and the way on which this takes shape in the practices of contemporary artists.
Third edition of Counterbodies builds on the success of the previous two editions. Emotions, ideas and conversations with visitors gave us an idea to add a strong social element to this concept.
In addition to an expo, our partners IDEM Rotterdam, Orange the World, Dona Daria, Soroptimist, Arosa and Zonta are organising a round table with the theme Femicide, and we are also presenting spoken word live act.


List of participating artists:


Lise Sore

Arjan Spannenburg

Robin Kolleman

Annebel Bruschinski

Jolanda Linssen

Koes Staassen

Natalia Grezina

Onno Poiesz

Anke Huyben

Frans Franciscus


Art direction: 


Vladimir Radujkov, Marth Von Loeben



Counterbodies were made possible by:


Gemeente Rotterdam, CBK Rotterdam, Cultuur Concreet, Rotterdams Vrouwenfonds


Huge thank you to our partners:


De Achtertuin and Gaea studio



Special thanks to:


Ibrahim Alaoui Chrifi, Helena Holl, Melanie Tissen, Zahra Reijs



Photo credits:


Jan Arsenovic

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