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Counterbodies 2023 19-00 1_edited.jpg

24,25,26 November 2023

De Achtertuin, Oostzeedijk 108, Rotterdam

FRIDAY              18:00  EXPO OPENING

SATURDAY        12:00 - 19:00 EXPO

SUNDAY           12:00 - 19:00 EXPO

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Counterbodies focus is on bringing together the work of artists whom each offer a distinct interpretation of 'the body', as a thematic and visual source for research and experiment. 


Through various art forms such as painting, sculpture, photography, performance and digital art, the participating artists explore the many facets of the human body. They show its beauty, vulnerability, strength and complexity. At the same time, they delve deeper into the social and cultural meanings attributed to the body.

The exhibition gives space to diverse perspectives and voices. The aim is to create a dialogue in which the visitor is challenged to question their own ideas and prejudices about the body. By showing controversial, provocative and sometimes uncomfortable works, we hope to spark a debate and break taboos.

The body is a source of creativity, expression and emotional value. It is a means by which we express ourselves, but also a physical manifestation of our identity. This exhibition invites a renewed exploration of the body in all its facets, and thus a deeper understanding of ourselves and our relationship to others.

We hope that the exhibition provides a place where artists and visitors experience the freedom to talk to each other in an open and honest way.

Together we can push the boundaries of what is acceptable within art and society, and create new perspectives on the human body and everything related to it.


List of participating artists:


Esther Bruggink

Sophie Teunissen

Noortje Stortelder

Tair Uria

Orla Kelly

Marijke de Pous

Mitzi Schreuder

Ellis Veth

Isabelle de Rooij


Art direction: 


Vladimir Radujkov



Counterbodies were made possible by:


Volkskracht, Elise Mathilde, CBK Rotterdam, Gemeente Rotterdam


Huge thank you to our partners:


De Achtertuin and Gaea studio



Special thanks to:


Melanie Tissen, Zahra Reijs



Photo credits:


Jan Arsenovic

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