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Art Week Rotterdam 03.02 - 09.02 2021

Beatrixbad, Gerdesiaweg 480 Rotterdam

“Counterbodies” will be one of a kind pop-up exhibition to showcase works of 12 international female artists from the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and Crimea that share a common interest over the theme of the body.

The show will feature both established artists and new voices in the contemporary art world, to offer the public both quality and freshness. This exhibition is a result of a dialogue between two curators who decided to collaborate and curate an art show together.

Marth Von Loeben and Vladimir Radujkov met and immediately recognised common grounds in their curatorial approach. Their cooperation is organic and unforced, both conceptually and aesthetically.

List of artists:

Alice Lucchinelli (IT) Daleen Bloemers (NL) Guda Koster (NL) Jessica Strixner (DE) Karin Arink (NL) Kim Van Erven (NL) Kira Fröse (DE) Lizan Freijsen (NL) Margiet van Breevort (NL) Natalia Grezina (CR) Rachel de Joode (NL) Silvia B. (NL)

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